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mike schaap builders, inc

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premier builders

The NAHB Builder 20 Club is a small group of nationally recognized and award winning custom home builders carefully selected by invitation of the National Association of Home Builders.


Mike Schaap Builders, Inc is one of approximately 20 other custom home builder serving on the Premier Builder's Group. Members of this group are distinguished for their commitment to building excellence and crafting truly one-of-a-kind custom homes.

While spread across the country, members of this group meet several times throughout the year and remain committed to:

  • Sharing wisdom and insight to maximize the potential of each company.
  • Comparing systems and processes, new designs and floor plans, marketing and business development ideas.
  • Evaluating issues and opportunities that may improve performance and the client experience.
  • Serving as each members’ Board of Directors, striving for honesty, integrity, and excellence.
  • Fortifying the professionalism of the construction industry, continuing to build value proposition and lean to the cutting edge of technology and service.

inspiring portfolios

As a member of the Premier Builders, we are proud to work alongside such dedicated craftsmen and are continually inspired by their remarkable portfolios.