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Mike Schaap Joins NAHB Builder 20 Club

Posted on  |  Tuesday, September 20, 2011  |  Comments ((Disabled))

Mike and his wife, Cindy, just returned from Jackson Hole, Wyoming where they attended their first meeting with Mike's new Builder 20 Club. Builder and fellow club member, Peter Lee of Teton Heritage Builders hosted the event.




During the daily meetings that Mike attended, he was able to share his own experiences and hear about the other builders' experiences. The builders have a chance to share ideas, marketing strategies, encouragement, and much more with one another as they discuss their work and plans for the future. The Builder 20 Club will be a great way for Mike Schaap Builders to develop relationships with other builders across the country... that's good company to have!



Diana Ball Cooksey, author of “Make IT a big deal” and “What a difference IT makes”, spoke to the builders about their character and personality in dealing with potential and current clients. She explained the importance of building solid relationships with them as builders seek to fulfill the client's dream for a place to call "home".


Upon the closing of the week, Mike was officially voted into the club. The next meeting with be held in Dallas, Texas.